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Tips for emergency medical actions

  • Dear Family:

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, so being prepared. Having a properly stocked first aid kit in your home is an easy but essential part of good emergency preparation. You can buy it or prepare it at home. It should consist of many items like plasters, sterile gloves, antiseptic solution, sterile bandages and analgesics, etc.

  • Dear Family:

If you have one of your family has got an open wound due to a superficial injury, do not panic, you can help him. Wash the wound under sterile water if you have, and If there is bleeding, press firmly over the site with a clean cloth until it stops, anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes, and then cover it with a bandage or gauze and adhesive tape and transfer him to the nearest hospital ER.

  • Dear Family:

If you have a diabetic patient at home and you find him unaware, he may have hypoglycemia. give him any dissolved sugar like honey. Avoid solid materials like sweet, it will lead to chocking.

  • Dear Patient:

Headache is a common symptom; it is due to many causes such as tension headache, migraine, cluster headache and so on. However, if you developed your headache, which is not you regular one, and its severity is intolerable, in association with blurred vision, vomiting, dizziness or any neurological problems, please come immediately to Family Care Hospital, you are our focus of priority.

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