"We pledge to serve our patients to their expectations in providing them with a comprehensive anesthesia in a caring and compassionate manner"

The Department of Anesthesiology at Family Care Hospital is structured according to international standards and principles, and is one of the leaders in the discipline of anesthesia as its world-class competent and caring anesthesiologists provide safe and effective clinical services. Its goal is to eliminate pain and anxiety associated with different forms of healthcare and to provide the best quality of anesthetic and pain management services. Our anesthesiologists work in a vicinity of a dedicated surgical area consisting of four major operating theaters equipped with state of the art anesthetic machines, highly technological developed instruments and monitoring systems.

What Do We Provide?

⊳ Pre-assessment Anesthesia Clinic

With the increasing demand of admission for surgery, a great deal of time is devoted to preoperative assessments and optimization of the patients. Family Care Hospital established the much needed pre-assessment clinic to expedite operative cases. The patients are usually seen in the pre-assessment clinic before the surgery where relevant investigations are ordered and reviewed.

⊳ Administration of Anesthesia in Various Subspecialties

Anesthesia services at Family Care Hospital are intended for various types of surgery with a high throughput of patients among all specialties. Anesthesia services are also provided outside the operating theater for various procedures such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy and dermatology laser treatment.

⊳ Epidural Anesthesia

Provides a 24-hour obstetric epidural services.
⊳ Pain Management

The department provides acute pain service that oversees the management of regional analgesia and patient controlled analgesia. This service is available by referral from other specialty units within the hospital for advice or management of patients with pain that is difficult to control.

Doctors of Anesthesiology Department
Chairman: Dr. Mohammed Taleb Almashaqbeh
Dr. Qasim Latif Muhammad
Dr. Zahraa Ibrahim Zamzam

Dr. Mohammed Taleb Almashaqbeh

Dr. Mohammed Taleb Almashaqbeh


⊳ Consultant Anesthesiologist Royal Medical Services Jordan.

⊳ Jordanian Board.

⊳ Arabian Board.

⊳ Fellowship in Neuro & Cardiac Anesthesia ( Germany ).

Dr. Qasim Latif

Dr. Qasim Latif


⊳ MBBS , (Punjab Pakistan).

⊳ FCPS ( Pakistan ).

⊳ FCAI ( Ireland)

⊳ Consultant Anesthesia Ghurki Teaching Hospital Pakistan.

Dont Eat or Drink Before Surgery

Anesthesia can cause vomiting during or after an operation. Your body normally keeps you from inhaling food you spit up, but anesthesia can stop these reflexes from working. This can cause choking and other complications after surgery. So make sure you follow your doctors instructions about when to stop eating or drinking.

Dr. Mohammed Taleb Almashaqbeh


Sat-Fri: 24/7

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