When it comes to cardiovascular disease, and through our ability to accurately diagnose diseases and track patients with treatments, we will seek to gain the trust of patients and families who seek to treat cardiovascular problems.

Cardiology Services:

we treat wide range of Cardiology diseases according to the up to date guidelines and recommendations , well equipped CCU with highly trained staff.

  • ⊳ Non invasive Cardiology Lab which provides most of the diagnostic procedures under direct supervision of the Consultants,(TEE and TTE(transthoracic and transoesophageal echo,holter monitor ,  ETT    etc
  • ⊳ Coronary Angiography and Percutaneous Interventions  ( soon)
  • ⊳ we provide 24/7  Cardiology on call services
  • ⊳ Regular check ups and follow ups
  • ⊳ Daily outpatient clinics covered by expert cardiology consultants

This section is characterized by the presence of the best in the world of medical devices and the best human resources in the body of medicine and nursing.

In this section, we have brought together modern technologies in the medical field, and we have been constantly training our medical staff.following devices in this department are included.

⊳ ECG voltage

⊳ Continuous cardiac diagnosis

⊳ Sonar hard and mobile heart

⊳ Holter devices for monitoring heart systems

⊳ Drug and non-pharmacological stress tests

⊳ Sound recording diagnostic devices.

Diagnosis , Management and follow up of different cardiac disease eg:

 Coronary heart diseases

Heart Failure and cardiomyopathies

Valvular heart disease

⊳ Hypertension

⊳ Preventive Cardiology

Lipid problems related to Cardiology

The cardiology department provides full cardiac care around the clock. This includes both optional care and emergency care provided by doctors of the highest quality supported by the latest equipment. Apart from consultation for all types of heart disease and preventative measures, the unit provides comprehensive non-invasive as well as invasive services. Managed by physicians with extensive international experience and excellent procedural skills.

Dr. Rami Almuhanna MD

⊳ Consultant Cardiology

⊳ The Arab Board of Health.

⊳ Saudi Board in Cardiology

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Dr. Ahsen


Sat-Fri: 24/7

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