Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)

Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)

Also known as “SPD” Sterile Processing Department or “CSD” Central Supply Department“An integrated unit within hospitals and healthcare facilities, performs sterilization and other related actions on medical consumables, equipment, and devices that are used directly to the patient”

Work Flow of CSSD:

  1. Used/Soiled Instruments
  2. Transport to Decontamination Area in CSSD for:
  3. Cleaning
  4. Disinfection through Mechanical Washer
  5. Inspection in Clean Area /Preparation and Packaging Area
  6. Tray Assembly
  7. Packaging
  8. Sterilization through the Steam Machine (High Temperature) or Plasma (Low Temperature)
  9. Sterile Storage- storage of sterile instruments before dispatch/release on each designated unit or area.

Structures of CSSD

  • Decontamination Area: The area of a healthcare facility designated for collection, retention, and cleaning of soiled and/or contaminated items.
  • Clean Area/Preparation and Packaging Area: The area of a healthcare facility designed for inspection, assembly, packaging and sterilization of clean equipment and items. This facility also designed to house sterilization equipment, such as steam and hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizers.
  • Sterile storage: The area of a healthcare facility designed to store sterile equipment and items.

FCH CSSD Machines

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaner - type of automated cleaning equipment that transmit sound waves through a cleaning solution that create bubbles that implode as they contact instruments , drawing soil away from the surface called “Cavitations”. It is very effective in cleaning hard to reach areas of the instruments. It takes 15-25 minutes Low level enzymatic detergent.
  2. Mechanical Washer Disinfector - Mechanical cleaning equipment that removes soil and micro-organisms through an automated cleaning and rinsing process that corporate thermal disinfection.
  3. STEAM STERILIZER (MMM 6612it is an equipment that kills all forms of microbial life on an object by exposing to heat. It takes 40 minutes to 1 hour process depending on what we are going to load; each load has a specific cycles.
  4. PLASMA STERRAD NX100 (Low Temperature Sterilizer)-It is the equipment that kills microbial life on the object by the process of OXIDATION. It uses chemicals (HYDROGEN PEROXIDE). Can sterilize a variety of instruments and accessories, including dead end lumens, flexible endoscopes, camera, batteries and power drills.Exposure time 42 minutes to 47 minutes depends on the cycle.


Biological Indicator Monitoring for PLASMA nx100 (Low Temperature) and

STEAM Machine MMM (High Temperature)

Biological Indicator for Plasma: The Sterrad cyclesure 24 Biological Indicator challenges the various Sterrad Sterilization cycles with over 1 million Geobacillus Stearothermophilus spores. Geobacillus Stearothermophilus spores this has been identified as the most heat resistant organism for challenging Hydrogen Peroxide based sterilization systems. The spores used in the cyclesure 24 BI are the same spores and meet the same specifications as those used to establish the 10¯6 SAL for the listed STERRAD Sterilization processes. A Negative Biological indicator from Sterrad Sterilization cycle indicates the sterilizer delivered condition sufficient to kill at least 1 million of the most resistant bacteria spores. Routine Biological Indicator results when used in conjunction with physical and/or chemical indicators can provide an indication of effectiveness of sterilization process.

SPORVIEW 10 Self-contained Biological Indicator for Steam Sterilization: it is a self-contained biological indicator inoculated with viable Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacterial spores and intended for monitoring the efficacy of saturated steam sterilization processes. SporView 10 Biological Indicators meet SPSmedical quality specifications and suggested performance parameters published in the current AAMI/ISO 11138 for sterilization processes. Culture media is a proprietary nutrient broth containing bromocresol purple as PH indicator. Biochemical activity of Geobacillus stearothermophilus organism produces acid by-products that cause the media to change the color from purple to yellow> A visual pH color change and /or turbidity indicates a steam sterilization process failure.


Chemical Indicators

Class 5 Sterilization Integrator: Steam Chemical Integrators consisting of a paper wick and steam and temperature sensitive chemical tablet contained in a paper/film/laminated. The chemical tablet melts and migrates as a dark color along the paper wick. The migration is visible through a window marked Reject or Accept. The extent of migration depends on steam, time and temperature.

Class 1 Lead Free Indicator Tape for Steam Sterilization: Lead free indicator tape for steam sterilization consists of adhesive: backing and chemical indicator stripes. The adhesive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to adhere to a variety of wraps, including untreated woven and disposable non-woven, paper/plastic wraps in order to secure the pack during the steam sterilization. The chemical indicator lines will show a visual color change from pink to dark when exposed to a steam sterilization process. Type 1 Process Indicator as categorized by ISO 11140-1:2014.

Sterrad Chemical Indicator and Tape Strips: chemical indicator strips which change from red to yellow or gold and so show exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

Washer Disinfector Cleaning Efficacy Test: Washer disinfector Efficiency Test is related with ISO 15883.This test is designed for the validation and monitoring of the cleaning efficacy of cleaning and disinfection process in washer disinfectors for standard surgical instruments. Essential parameters such as time, temperature, water pressure and detergent concentration are accurately calibrated the test soil will be removed completely at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Arlyn Rose & Arabella Katherine
Central Sterile Processing Technician

Central Sterile Processing Technician Role in Quality Patient Care

The critical role Central Sterile Processing Technicians plays in the delivery of safe, top quality patient care infection prevention in order to ensure better, safer, standardized processes and procedures to deliver safe and high-quality patient care.

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