Emergency Medicine

When unexpected illness and injuries strikes, families can rely on Family Care Hospital’s Emergency Room to treat any medical emergency for adults or children. Our goal is to provide our patients and their families with high quality medical care and excellent services delivered compassionately and promptly.

Our Emergency Room is a modern facility infrastructure especially designed by international standards to treat patients quickly and accurately and to meet our patient's needs for privacy and efficiency.  It is well equipped, supported by modern day technology and various diagnostic services to provide life-saving measures and treatment.

Our board-certified physicians and trained nurses provide emergency care round the clock ranging from simple to severe cases.  Emergency Room Doctors are supported 24 hours by On-call Consultants in various specialties who can be called to evaluate complicated cases, to admit patients requiring inpatient care or to perform urgent surgeries.

Doctors of Department of Emergency Medicine

Chairman: Dr. Khaled Katheri –

                   Dr. Abdo Jubara – ER Specialist

                   Dr. Dr. Mohammad Elkhishen – ER Resident

                   Dr. Omar Yusuf Saleh – ER Resident

                   Dr. Ahmed Samir – ER Resident

                   Dr. Mohammad Abdi Adam – ER Resident


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