The doctors of this department have long experience in diagnosing and treating the problems of ear, nose and throat diseases, whether medical or surgical. Our consultants are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of various head, neck, ear, nose and throat diseases, as well as Vertigo, disturbance of balance, smell and taste, as well as head and neck tumors. We also provide audiovisual assessment services for adults and children and hearing aid planning for newborns. All required surgical interventions are performed with great skill, efficiency and high success rates. Our doctors perform Adenoidectomy, Ventilation tube insertion ,  removal of minor head & neck tumors and other operations.

⊳ Septoplasty
⊳ Tympanoplasty
⊳ Cortical mastoidectomy
⊳ Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (Snoring surgery)
⊳ Therapeutic ENT Endoscopy
⊳ Tonsillectomy

As for the treatments available to the audio services department, they are as follows:

⊳ Hearing Aid Planning
⊳ Tympanometry & Pure Tone Audiometry.
⊳ Prescription and installation of digital hearing aids programmed on the computer
⊳ Complete hearing aids in the intra-aural (in ear canal & invisible) or post-auricular.
⊳ Otoacoustic emissions (Newborn hearing screening programs)
⊳ The field of free hearing measurement in children
⊳ Ear plugs for swimming

Treated cases:
⊳ Septoplasty (Deviated nasal septum).
⊳ Rhinoseptoplasty ( nasal plastic surgery )
⊳ Assessment of hearing in adult , children and newborns.
⊳ Treatment hearing Loss in adult, children and infant
⊳ Tinnitus.
⊳ Vertigo
⊳ Allergic rhinitis of the nose and sinuses.
⊳ removal of tonsils and adenoids
⊳ treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
⊳ Treatment of hoarseness.
⊳ Difficulty of breathing
⊳ Salivary glands disease.
⊳ Smell and taste.
⊳ Ear drum grafting.
⊳ Place ventilation tubes in the eardrum.
⊳ Endoscopic Nasal sinus Surgery.
⊳ Trauma in the nose , ear and throat.
Diagnosis and treatment of internal ear Disease.

Dr. Essam Helmy Marey

Sat-Fri: 24/7

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