“Providing the highest quality of services that are crucial for patient care, with accuracy, timeliness, reliability and precision in reporting”

The Department of Laboratory at Family Care Hospital offers a variety of specialized diagnostic services using state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose patients’ condition and to monitor their progress and susceptibility while under treatment. The department is composed of a distinguished team of highly skilled certified technologists, supervisor and pathologist with combined experience and practical knowledge ensuring quality laboratory services for all aspects of test performance.

Vision Statement

The vision of Family Care Hospital's Laboratory Department is to become a regionally recognized laboratory with accreditation from national and international regulatory bodies. To contribute in well-being of patients by facilitating quality laboratory testing. To help in training and education of nationals in the field of laboratory medicine by involving them in practical training on state of art environment.

Mission Statement

To provide  accurate, reliable and compatible results in time to facilitate the physicians in real time diagnosis. Help the local population in particular having all the routine and specialized testing done under one roof within a shortest turnaround time.


Clinical Excellence – We provide comprehensive and high quality laboratory testing in a patient-responsive manner.


The patient comes first in everything we do. We strive to provide every patient and every customer with services and products of uncompromising quality – error free, on time, every time. We do that by dedicating ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the services we provide

Customer Friendly: We provide customer friendly environment and support the patient in all the laboratory testing matters by counseling them up to a customer satisfaction level.

Scope of services


⊳ Anemia Profile: Iron, TIBC,  Ferritin ,Vitamin B, and Folate

⊳ Antenatal Care: CBC, Rh Typing, Viral Screen, and Routine Tests

⊳ Female Fertility  Profile: FSH, LH,  Prolactin , Progesterone , Estradiol,

⊳ Male Fertility Profile: Testosterone, LH, FSH, Semen Analysis

⊳ Mode and Stress:  Serum Cortisol,

⊳ Thyroidism:       FT3, FT4, TSH

⊳ Bone status:       Calcium Phosphorus, Vitamin D, PTH

⊳ Diabetic Profile:     Glucose, Insulin, C-Peptide, HBA1C

⊳ Kidney Tests:   Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Electrolytes

⊳ Prostate Health:      Total PSA, Free PSA

⊳ Liver Status:             Liver Function Tests,

⊳ Cardiac Health:          Cholesterol Triglycerides, LDL and HDL

⊳ Pregnancy:           Pregnancy Test Urine and Serum, Beta HCG

⊳ Tumor Markers:           AFP, TPSA , Alpha Feto Proteins

⊳ Cancer Diagnosis:         CEA, CA15-3(Breast) CA 125(Ovary) CA19_9(Colon, Pancreatic) Thyroglobulin(Thyroid)

⊳ Stomach:              H Pylori (Stool and Serum)

⊳ Fevers:                Dengue and Malaria, Typhoid

⊳ Cardiac arrest:            Troponins, CPK and CKMB, Blood Gases

⊳ Viral Infections:            Hepatitis Markers, Hepatitis C, HIV

⊳ Joints :                           RA , ASOT ,Uric Acid

⊳ Bacteriology:

Fully functional microbiology section for routine specimen bacteriology analysis including C&S, routine urine and stool analysis, gram staining, AFB, culture control and microbial identification with antimicrobial susceptibility testing with continuous collaboration and reporting to Infection Control Department.

⊳ Serology & Immunology:  Tests focus on identifying antibodies, investigating problems associated with the immune system like autoimmune diseases.

⊳ Blood Bank:

An operational 24/7 blood bank with ample quantity of different blood products like PRBCS, FFP, and other on demand from CBB.

Doctors and Technicians of Department of Laboratory:

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