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The Ophthalmology Department offers a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services for routine eye and eye diseases. The department is equipped by an experienced eye surgeon, with the latest equipment, which helps in providing excellent eye care to patients.

We have taken care of the global developments in ophthalmology and have worked to provide medical competencies that contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmology. We aim at achieving excellence in the level of competencies and methods used in diagnosis and treatment as well as the equipment available in the hospital.

⊳ Small and medium surgeries.

⊳ Treatment of dry eye diseases and diseases related to tears

⊳ Treatment of eye problems for diabetics in coordination with the department concerned.

⊳ Services to examine the strength of vision and correction of sight

⊳ Examine the effect of chronic diseases on eyesight

⊳ Photographing the bottom of the eye.

Dr. Zeinab Adam

⊳ MBBS university of Khartoum 2007

⊳ MD (Medical doctorate ) in ophthalmology 2015

⊳ FICO (fellowship international council of ophthalmology ) 2017

⊳ Worked as ophthalmology registrar then specialist in several hospital in Sudan since 2010

Look Away From the Computer Screen

Staring at a computer or phone screen for too long can cause:

⊳ Eyestrain
⊳ Blurry vision
⊳ Trouble focusing at a distance
⊳ Dry eyes
⊳ Headaches
⊳ Neck, back, and shoulder pain

Dr. Zeinab Adam

Eye Consultant

Sat-Fri: 24/7

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