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The Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Unit

The Physical Therapy Department of Family Care Hospital Riyadh was located at the Basement 2 of the hospital. Treatment plan of care are tailored according to its needs thus helping patients return to their previous level of physical functioning and capabilities. The Dept. contains specified lounges for men and women, young and old. It provides the rehabilitation services after the surgical operations and sport injuries, and has the competent PT staff in evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation.


The Physical Therapy Department of Family Care Hospital Riyadh KSA as an integral part of

The Healthcare service is committed in providing utmost quality physical therapy service to help an

Individual achieved the highest physiological potential and functional level.


It envisions being the center of Physical Therapy service excellence throughout the region.


The department set rules that all staffs, employees and patients should adhere to as

Referenced in its policies and procedures in assuring quality patient treatment plan and quality


Clinical services rendered by competent PT Staff services includes:

⊳ Neurologic Rehabilitation- Stroke, Muscular dystrophies etc.

⊳ Orthopedic Rehabilitation- Fractures, Hip and knee replacement etc.

⊳ Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation-Low back pain, Neck and Knee pain, Forms of Arthritis etc.

⊳ Pediatric Rehabilitation- Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Motor Development etc

⊳ Geriatric Rehabilitation- Long Term Care patients

⊳ Sports injuries Rehabilitation- Anterior Cruciate Ligaments tear, Sports injuries, Overused syndrome etc.

⊳ Medical and Surgical Rehabilitation- Upper and Lower Extremities operation etc.

⊳ Cardiothoracic Rehabilitation- Cardiac Rehab.

⊳ Manual Therapy,  Manipulation, Gait Training etc.


Superficial Physical heating agents like :

A) Hot Moist Packs / Hot Packs

B) Infrared Radiation Lamp

C) Paraffin Wax Bath

D) Hydrotherapy (Whirl pool and Hubbard Tank)-

E) Cold Packs

F) Therapeutic Exercises- Progressive Resistive Exercises, Stretching, Joint Mobilization, Manipulation, Gait Training and Massage etc.

Deep Heating physical agents like :

A) Ultrasonic Therapy/ Phonoporesis

B) Diathermies etc.

Electrotherapy Modalities like

A) Electrical muscle stimulation

B) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator or Interferential Therapy

Physiotherapy Treatment Gym includes:

Rehabilitation equipment like Therapeutic Ball, Treadmill , Shoulder wheel, Parallel bars, Dumbbell’s, Ankle weights, Pulley systems, bikes, Exercise stairs, Assistive devices like Wheelchair, walker, crutches, cane etc.

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