We work in this section on the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of all diseases related to urinary and reproductive diseases, and we have doctors with a high level of experience in this field, we have provided them all modern equipment to facilitate their work and give greater effectiveness of the treatments, and we follow the patient after treatment and provide adequate advice to achieve The full objectives of the hospital programs are among the services provided in this section

⊳ Diagnosis and treatment of urinary and reproductive system tumors
⊳ Reconstructive surgery of urinary system
⊳ Treatment of congenital malformations in the urinary system in newborns
⊳ Treatment of common urinary tract diseases.
⊳ Treatment of prostate diseases
⊳ Remove kidney stones and ureters.

General Guidelines for promoting good urological health in adults and children

⊳Stay hydrated

⊳ Drink cranberry juice to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

⊳ Limit the amount of salt and caffeine you consume

⊳ Stay within a healthy weight range

⊳ Choose a smoke-free lifestyle

⊳ Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area with Kegel exercises

⊳ Encourage children to urinate immediately before bed

⊳ Limit fluid intake in the nighttime hours

⊳ Purchase athletic “cups” for young boys to help prevent injury

⊳ Instruct young girls that they should use a front-to-back motion to wipe the genital area after going to the washroom

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