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Neurology medicine is concerned with the caring of the brain and its nerves, those which are responsible for intact consciousness, memory, sensation and movement.

In our clinic we can help headache patients to alleviate there suffering.

  • We are helping people to avoid cerebral strokes. And to treat the sufferer from that disease by preventing its recurrence and improve their quality of life after the stroke.
  • Patient who experienced a transient loss of consciousness or dizziness should visit neurology clinic to detect the cause and to start its treatment. ( e.g: epilepsy, BPPV, transient ischemic attacks or minor strokes, syncope … etc)
  • We can take care of patient suffering from epilepsy and convulsions by detecting the cause through the MRI imaging and EEG study (Electroencephalogram).
  • We can help patients with low back pain
  • We can help patients with memory disturbance like Alzheimer and other Dementia patient.
  • We can help patients with movement disorders  like Parkinson’s and Dystonia

Dr. Radwan Mahmoud Alkadry

⊳ Acting Specialist Doctor in Neurology

⊳ Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.Ch) Alexandria university

⊳ Master degree of neurology, Alexandria university

The brain represents only 2% of an adult’s weight, but it uses 20% of the energy produced by the body.  If energy supply is not enough, people may experience a variety of symptoms, including memory problems, fatigue and concentration problems.

Dr. Radwan Mahmoud Alkadry

Acting Specialist

Sat-Fri : 24/7

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