The Family Care Hospital is happy to provide psychological counseling and treatment of all behavioral and psychological disorders and to solve any psychological problem that may face us at any stage and under any circumstances facing us in our lives, where we provide psychological support for all cases:

  • ⊳ Anxiety and phobias.
  • ⊳ Sleep disorders.
  • ⊳ Psychosocial disorders.
  • ⊳ Depression cases
  • ⊳ Psychosomatic conditions.
  • ⊳ Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • ⊳ Cases of schizophrenia.
  • ⊳ Emotional disorders.
  • ⊳ Personality pattern disorder.
  • ⊳ Disorder of aging dementia.
  • ⊳ Family problems - Family and educational guidance (adults, adolescents, children)
  • ⊳ Behavioral problems Children's aggressive stubbornness (nibbles, urination, sexual harassment)
  • ⊳ IQ test for children and adults
  • ⊳ Personal standards
  • ⊳ Measures of mental disorders
  • ⊳ Health education for prospective couples
  • ⊳ Problems of academic delays and learning difficulties
  • ⊳ Behavior Modification
  • ⊳ Relaxation sessions and control of psychological and physical emotions
  • ⊳ Panic attacks
  • ⊳ Addressing public and private concerns such as highlands, aviation, open spaces

In dealing with all situations, doctors rely on the universal adoption of the patient as a person, as a soul, body, spirit and social being. This includes psychotherapy, relaxation, where neural engineering applications are used in psychotherapy, where the family, spouse, school or the ocean generally participate as an essential part of the therapeutic recovery process of support and support.

Rand Saeed Al - Nu'mani

⊳ Master degree in Clinical Psychology

⊳ Monitoring instructor (adults, children)

⊳ Psychological specialists in psychotherapy in private clinics

⊳ Psychological specialists in the application of the scale of intelligence in a clinic

Mental health is like other organs of the body where it can tire and get sick and need treatment. There is no need to be shy about talking about mental health. It is important to prevent and treat mental illnesses when they occur.

Rand Saeed Al - Nu'mani


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