Hospital Profile

High quality health care is a major requirement for everyone on the society. From that point and with more than 10 years of health care management experience, Family Care Hospital (FCH) was planned and started to serve the local society with high standard medical services.

Family Care Hospital is a private healthcare institution located in Riyadh East next to Prince Naif University and King Fahad Military College; and is a 30 minutes’ drive to the national airport. It is a 100 bed capacity facility and is newly built which means that all the facilities, equipment, machine and other amenities are new and with current high technology features.

We focused, upon the planning and designing, to providing a safe and friendly facilities, which help to bring the peace of mind to the patients. We aim to provide a wide range of high quality and up-to-date medical services by utilizing best equipment from different highly recognized companies.

As a healthcare new provider we strive to be one of the best healthcare providers in the country.

Care Pillars

We provide exceptional and complete medical care, combined with the compassion to improve the quality of life of people from all walks of life.
• Compliance with Islamic values and traditions.
• Commitment to the international quality in the provision of medical services.
• Maintaining the comfort and privacy of the patient and his family.
• Working with our staff as the family members.
• Providing creativity and development in the fields of community service.
Our Hospital contains more than 100 beds distributed in various types of rooms to match with the desires and privacy of patients. It provides suites containing reception room
attached to the patient's room, mini-kitchen and separated bath rooms for visitors and patient. Also the hospital provides private and common rooms, highly qualified medical and nursing staff working under the supervision of specialized management aiming to high provided service.
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